SLS is a distinguished name in the realm of laboratory solutions, offering a comprehensive range of lab equipment, supplies, and consumables to researchers in a variety of industries.

Under the SLS Select brand, you can find an established selection of lab consumables, chemicals, and glassware, catering to a diverse array of research and clinical applications.

Meanwhile, the SLS Lab Pro division specialises in delivering high-quality laboratory apparatus and consumables, from ultrapure water purification systems to analytical balances, ensuring researchers worldwide have access to reliable and accurate tools for their work.

SLS Flowgen stands at the forefront of life science research solutions, offering cutting-edge products such as electrophoresis tanks and shaking incubators that guarantee optimal results in experiments.

Lastly, the ClearLine® brand, a trusted part of the SLS family, provides a range of laboratory products including filter tips and cryovials, ensuring precise sample handling and secure storage.

With SLS, scientists and researchers can rest assured that their lab work is supported by equipment and supplies that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.