DWK Life Sciences is one of the world leaders in the manufacture and supply of glass and plastic labware for scientific research and packaging solutions for a wide range of industry sectors. Their extensive product range features general purpose and specialised glass and plastic laboratory equipment; from glass beakers, condensers and vials to plastic measuring cylinders, wash bottles and specimen containers. Their comprehensive range, which caters for many laboratory applications, carries world-renowned brands including some of the best-known names in science such as Pyrex®, borosilicate glassware, Quickfit® interchangeable jointed glassware, MBL® volumetric glassware, DURAN® premium laboratory glassware, Azlon® reusable plasticware, Ramboldi® plastic disposable labware and WHEATON® packaging and life science products.

All products in the DWK Life Sciences range are manufactured to comply with the most rigorous British and international standards. Product excellence is achieved by the enforcement of strict quality standards and meticulous quality control, supported by the specialist skills of some of the world's most experienced glassblowers and polymer technicians. With a keen focus on innovation and reliability, DWK Life Sciences continues to be a trusted provider of high-quality laboratory equipment worldwide.