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Christmas Opening and Delivery Times

Here are details of our opening times over the Christmas period:  

We will operate as usual until Friday 22nd December - 8:45am – 6pm.

25th December - Closed

26th December - Closed  

27th, 28th, 29th December - 10am - 3pm

1st January 2024 - Closed  

We will reopen as usual on Tuesday 2nd January 8:45am – 6pm (Regional offices may vary).

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all our customers.


November Star Buy - SLS Lab Pro Personal Benchtop Autoclaves

This month's star buy is the SLS Lab Pro Personal Benchtop Autoclave, a versatile solution tailored for general laboratory use.

With a quick one-touch operation, these autoclaves, available in 9L or 12L capacities, efficiently sterilise media, glassware, and instruments at temperatures ranging from 121°C to 134°C.

Experience the benefits of its lightweight and convenient design, accompanied by additional safety features and swift cycle times.

Upgrade your lab efficiency with confidence today.

Find out more below!  

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Charles River Laboratories – Now Available from SLS

Explore Charles River Laboratories' solutions for cell and gene therapy, now conveniently available from SLS.

Elevate your research programme with a foundation of over 75 years of expertise and bring confidence and precision to your scientific endeavours.

*Free delivery now available on orders over £500 until 31st December 2023.

Find out more below.

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Our New Chemicals Catalogue is Here!

We present our most extensive chemicals catalogue yet, designed as the quintessential chemicals resource for every laboratory.

View online or order your copy today!

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Don't Miss Out On Exclusive Offers For Benchmark Accuris Life Science Products

Indulge in exclusive discounts of up to 48% on selected Benchmark Accuris Life Science products and upgrade your laboratory equipment at unbelievably low prices. Offer available for a limited-time only.

Don't miss out!

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Core Biogenesis Redefines Protein Production with Plant-Based Growth Factors

Core Biogenesis is changing the paradigms of protein production with a brand new range of plant-based high quality recombinant growth factors and cytokines that will increase the efficiency and sustainability of your process.

Elevate your stem cell research with the highest standards of purity (≥95%), ultra-low endotoxin levels (≤ 0.005EU/μg), and a 100% animal-free production process.

Find out more about these innovative solutions today.

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Breaking News: SLS Is Launching The New Eppendorf epMotion Series For Automated Liquid Handling Systems

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Eppendorf epMotion range for Automated Liquid Handling Systems—a leap forward in liquid handling technology. In a landmark decision, SLS has earned the unique privilege of being the exclusive distributor for this eagerly awaited product line.

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Eppendorf - Start Your Separation At Ease

You deserve the best laboratory equipment to ensure that your separation tasks run smoothly every time. That’s why our goal is to provide optimized solutions for you and your requirements.

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New FOCUS Brochure Out Now!

Discover the latest in laboratory innovation with the newest edition of FOCUS from SLS!

Take advantage of our fantastic special offers and get a glimpse of the newest products from top brands.

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Introducing our September Star Buy!

This month's star buy is the SLS Lab Pro Unstirred Water Bath, 4L with Lid- B2B06266.

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Revolutionise Your Lab with SLS: Ten Sustainable Choices for the Eco-Conscious Scientist

In an era where both sustainability and cost- effectiveness hold great importance, laboratories can find a balance. From Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS), here are ten options to go green without financial strain, seamlessly aligning environmental responsibility without straining your budget.


Improve Your Cold Storage with Lec Medical Fridges: Connect for Enhanced Temperature Monitoring and Control

Why connect a fridge?

Current guidance states that fridge temperatures should be recorded a minimum of twice per day and data should be kept for 5 years. This has historically been a manual paper-based recording system, which requires physical appliance interaction and record storage.


ULT Freezer best practice: Keep the door seal clean and unobstructed

Keeping the door seal clean, unobstructed and intact helps to keep the ULT freezer chamber at the desired set temperature and reduces the build up of ice. 


Happy 33rd Launch Anniversary to the Hubble Space Telescope!

Originally conceived in the 1940s as the Large Space Telescope, Hubble's launch on April 24, 1990 marked decades of planning and research.

Despite some initial setbacks and issues with the telescope's optics, Hubble has since become one of the most productive and influential scientific instruments of all time.

Over the past three decades, Hubble has made countless groundbreaking observations, revolutionising our understanding of the universe. From measuring the expansion rate of the universe to discovering dark energy, Hubble has contributed to some of the most significant scientific discoveries of the 21st century.

Hubble has also captured stunning images of galaxies, nebulae, and other celestial objects that have inspired people around the world. The telescope's ability to see deep into space has allowed us to witness incredible events such as the birth of stars and the collision of galaxies.

Get a special offer price on your next rotor when you buy a new Eppendorf high-speed or ultracentrifuge before December 31st

Keep Spinning - Find your perfect centrifuge solution

Rotors used in high-speed and ultracentrifuges are exposed to high speeds, and need to be replaced at regular intervals to maintain your separation results.

Take advantage of your next replacement by choosing a versatile solution from Eppendorf.

Get a special offer price on your next rotor when you buy a new Eppendorf high-speed or ultracentrifuge before December 31, 2023

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ULT Freezer best practice: Ambient air temperature

Keep in mind the ambient air temperature when choosing a location for your freezer 

During the case study the F570h was tested in a colder freezer room. The temperature in the freezer room was measured as 20°C(+/-1°C).


Amendment to Direct Supplier Wet/Dry Ice Delivery Charges

Due to increased charges by our direct suppliers, the additional charge for Wet/Dry Ice will be £50.00 from May 18th 2023.

Defrost the Freezer Regularly to Prevent a Build-up of Frost

Failing to regularly defrost your ULT Freezer can lead to a build-up of frost, resulting in increased energy consumption and poor operational practices.


Introducing the Precellys Evolution Touch Homogeniser with Adapter

Transform your sample preparation process with the touch of a button. The Precellys Homogeniser has been meticulously crafted to deliver unmatched efficiency and reproducibility. Users can effortlessly grind, homogenise, or lyse any type of sample with utmost precision.

It offers a complete range of accessories to meet all homogenisation needs, from the smallest samples with the 96WP to the largest with the 50mL tubes and the hardest samples with the dedicated metal tubes.

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Happy PRIDE Month

Embrace Diversity, Ignite Discovery

At SLS, we believe in supporting and uplifting the communities we serve. Therefore, we are thrilled to announce that we are making a £100 donation to the Notts LGBT+ Network, an organisation dedicated to supporting Nottinghamshire's vibrant LGBTQ+ community.

Join us in celebrating LGBTQ+ scientists, promoting diversity, and embracing the power of scientific discovery!


Nunc™ TripleFlask™ Promotion

Get 57% off Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ TripleFlask™ Treated Cell Culture Flasks!

The TripleFlask™ support's conventional flat monolayer culture on three horizontal growth surfaces to maximize growth area.

To ensure an equal distribution of cells and medium in each growth layer, prepare a homogeneous cell suspension at the final intended dilution prior to adding cells to the flask.


Corning®'s Solution for 3D Cell Culture

Join us as we delve into the exciting world of 3D cell culture and explore the cutting edge solutions provided by Corning Life Sciences.

3D cell culture has become a focal point of research, offering more accurate and physiologically relevant tissue models.

In this presentation, we will unravel the mysteries behind successful 3D cell culture and introduce you to a range of game changing tools from Corning Life Sciences.

Don't miss out on this invaluable opportunity to enhance your knowledge and expand your research capabilities.

Join us 14:00 - 15:30 21st June 2023

Register now for our webinar and be at the forefront of 3D cell culture advancements!

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June Star Buy - ClearLine® Plus Tips

Level up your pipetting game this June with the amazing ClearLine® Plus Tips!

These tips offer unparalleled precision, bidding farewell to concerns regarding accuracy and reproducibility. They also provide consistent liquid transfers, ensuring the utmost reliability for your experiments.

We understand the significance of quality in lab environments. ClearLine® Plus Tips are meticulously crafted using premium materials, delivering exceptional clarity and minimising any potential interference.

Shop now - From £34.39

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July Star Buy - SLS Lab Pro Hydron Benchtop pH Meter

Our Star Buy this month is the SLS Lab Pro Hydron Benchtop pH Meter - currently 36% off at only £345 as part of our BACK 2 BASICS promotions!

A reliable and economical benchtop meter for routine measurements of pH, mV and temperature. Featuring five-point calibration with auto-buffer recognition, automatic temperature compensation (ATC) and datalogging capabilities for the storage and recall of up to 100 data sets, the Hydron is well suited to routine applications across academic laboratories, industrial settings and education. A compact footprint, large easy-to-read display and splash-proof keyboard also make it user-friendly and space saving for the busy workspace.

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Merck Award for SLS

SLS are an official distributor in the UK & ROI of the Sigma-Aldrich, Supelco and Millipore brands manufactured by Merck. For exceptional growth in 2022 Merck have awarded SLS a strategic distributor award, which our MD Ian Roulstone recently accepted at our head office in Nottingham. SLS and Merck look forward to continuing this close working relationship into 2023 and beyond.

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Eppendorf - Can research be sustainable? We say YES!

There are often many questions at the beginning of a young scientist's academic career. No matter what your field is - the microbiome, virology, or any of the many other branches of science - one of the most important questions to ask is, "What impact will my science have on our lives and on this world?"

And perhaps the next question is, "How can I specify my science's environmental impact?"

High consumption of plastic consumables in everyday lab life needs to be addressed. How can we replace fossil-based plastic with an alternative that doesn't consume resources or pollute the environment? Solutions exist, so let's reduce plastic use.

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Corning Stock Availability!

Corning Stock Availability! We are delighted to inform you that our Corning stock availability has been expanded, including serological pipettes, well plates, and culture flasks.

For more information, feel free to reach out to your dedicated sales representative today!

New Product - Benchmark SureAir PCR Workstation

The NEW Benchmark SureAir™ PCR workstation is a compact, convenient way to reduce contamination concerns and provide a clean room environment at a fraction of the space and cost.

The high-powered yet quiet internal fan produces laminar flow conditions without any installation into ductwork. The included HEPA filter purifies air within the chamber, meeting ISO 5 cleanliness standards, and filters 99.97% of particles 0.3µm and larger. The double-hinged front panel provides ample workspace for convenient hand access, and can be opened fully to allow placement of equipment inside.

Find out more below!

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DNA Binding on PCR Plastics - Arvensis Plates Compared to Global Market Leaders

Researchers have discovered that DNA can adhere to the surface of certain plastic materials, particularly polypropylene, commonly used in PCR (polymerase chain reaction) plates. 


August Star Buy - SLS Lab Pro Oven

This month's Star Buy is the SLS Lab Pro Oven which is currently on offer as part of our Back 2 Basics promotion - over 20% off!

This excellent product boasts chamber bright polish stainless steel lagged with high efficiency thermal insulation. 

Find out more below!

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Cannabis Reference from Merck

Cerilliant® ready-to-use Snap-N-Shoot® CRMs for fast and accurate potency testing.

By acting on the endocannabinoid system, phytocannabinoids are responsible for many of the known psychoactive and therapeutic effects of cannabis. Our understanding of the varying cannabinoid profile has expanded far beyond THC, CBD and CBN, extending to over 85 known phytocannabinoids present across multiple cannabis strains.

Find out more below.

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Liquid Biopsy - Supporting your Oncology Diagnostic Research

Liquid Biopsy samples need ultrasensitive assays to detect the powerful information they hold.

Find out how SLS and Meridian Bioscience can help you to apply the latest qPCR diagnostic technologies to your project and advance your research to improve patient care.


Kinesis®️ products have been rebranded to Cole-Parmer®️

Antylia is undergoing a rebranding process for their Kinesis® products, which will now be known as Cole-Parmer®. This exciting change is bringing together a comprehensive product portfolio, streamlining their current offerings of products and services to make things even more convenient for you.

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SLS Partnership with Novacyt

Scientific Laboratory Supplies Ltd (SLS) is delighted to announce an exciting new distribution partnership with Novacyt. Novacyt is the parent company of PrimerDesign Ltd and IT-IS International. This collaboration allows SLS to offer a diverse range of market-leading brands, including genesig™ PCR reagents and mastermixes, PathFlow™ lateral flow tests and MyGo® qPCR instruments, to enhance their comprehensive PCR workflow product portfolio.


SLS Becomes Key Distributor of Azenta Products for the UK and Ireland

Scientific Laboratory Supplies (SLS), the UK's leading provider of laboratory equipment, chemicals, and consumables, is delighted to unveil its partnership with global tech giant, Azenta.

Find out more about this exciting new partnership below.


Happy Birthday Maria Sibylla Merian

A celebration of Maria Sibylla Merian!

Maria was a renowned naturalist and artist, born on 2nd April 1647 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her family was in the publishing business, and she received an early education in art and science.

Merian is best known for her ground-breaking work in entomology, particularly her detailed illustrations and descriptions of the life cycles of insects.

She travelled extensively throughout South America to study and document the flora and fauna, and her work had a significant impact on the field of natural history.

Elevate your lab safety and efficiency with DURAN® Silicone Lids - smart coverage for every experiment

Smart and safe coverage

In order to prevent contamination during reactions and into the laboratory environment, DWK Life Sciences has developed a safety cover, the innovative DURAN® silicone lid. 

Five flexible sizes, three bright colours, versatile and simple to use!


Innovaprep Sample Prep Made Simple

Simple, Effective Sample Collection and Concentration Tools for Metagenomic Epidemiology!

Simple, rapid, and highly efficient recovery of genetic material from environmental samples is key for isolating and characterizing organisms from any biome whether for metagenomic research, epidemiology, or biosurveillance of any kind.  


Welcome to our new Private Label Catalogue!

Our Private Label offers a wide range of laboratory supplies, from equipment and instruments to consumables and chemicals.

With over 7,000 products in the range, we are sure to have a solution for every laboratory need.

Quality and affordability are our top priorities, and we offer a number of brands under SLS family umbrella which meet this criteria.

View the catalogue below!

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Join us for Medlab Middle East 2023

Come and join us at Medlab Middle East 6th - 9th February 2023!

Connect with innovation that's changing the face of diagnostics.

We will be exhibiting at Dubai World Trade Centre, Stand Z3 A19!

Register for free here


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