Established since 1947, LTE Scientific is a leading European manufacturer and supplier of laboratory and medical equipment, which is sold extensively into the public and private sectors, including Healthcare, Further Education, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Research, Food/Beverage, Technology and Industrial.

LTE specialises in the manufacture, supply and service/testing of medical and laboratory equipment including laboratory autoclaves, steam sterilisers, endoscope drying/storage and decontamination solutions plus a wide range of laboratory thermal equipment which includes ovens, incubators, drying cabinets and environmental chambers/rooms for stability studies, shelf life testing, BOD and large-scale incubation.

Their multi-purpose sterilisation autoclaves and steam sterilisers for both the laboratory and medical industries are designed and built in the UK using durable stainless steel to achieve the high temperatures and pressures required for professional and efficient sterilisation.

Check out our extensive range of LTE autoclaves, ovens, and incubators below.