Kimberly-Clark Professional™ partners with you to create exceptional workplaces, making them healthier,  safer and more productive. In environments where precision is paramount and errors are not an option, you can safely rely on Kimtech™ products to protect both your critical processes and the individuals executing them.

Understanding the risks and costs associated with contamination, Kimtech™ products are designed for precisions tasks and exacting performance. Delivering seamless, worry-free performance that minimises risk and maximises performance.

As a reputable Kimberly Clark supplier, SLS provides you with unrestricted access to a premium selection of Kimberly Clark products. From Kimberly Clark Wipes  and Nitrile Gloves, to advanced cleanroom and recycling solutions, we are dedicated to enhancing the standards of your workplace with top-tier supplies.

Check out our extensive range of Kimberly-Clark Professional™ and Kimtech™ products.